Posted: Thu, August 26, 2021

50g Milk Tank-$2950.00; 35g Pasteurizer-$9950.00; Cheese Racks $150.00 per lot of 10. 12 lots available. Chester Springs, PA sale

Phone Number: 484-356-8291


Cheesemaking Equipment for Sale-50g Milk Tank, 35g Pasteurizer, Cheese Racks

Working 50 gallon milk tank with valve and motor/agitator, 110v plug.

35 gallon pasteurizer Functions as: – A Legal Pasteurizer – 3-A Approved – A Cheese Vat – A Yogurt Vat – Small “Bulk” Tank – Includes single pen chart recorder, mercury product and airspace thermometers, agitator and motor, airspace heater, water jacket with adjustable thermostat heater control.
(no separate boiler required), mounted on wheels so you can move it around for effective space utilization. Requires a double 30amp breaker and has 2-220 volt connect lines from the control panel to plug in. Will also include a starter set of chart recorder paper.

Cheese racks for sale
Fromagex 630mm x 520mm 25 wire cheese racks including mat for each rack. Sold in lots of 10. Trolley is not included but sold separately.

Wire stainless steel aging racks are used for ripening, brining and drying cheeses allowing an optimal ventilation and support of the products. They stack legs on legs to create shelves where the cheeses can be placed. This modular solution will optimize the space in the room allowing an even result and an easy manipulation. It suits well for fresh, soft and semi-soft cheeses, blue cheeses and other varieties that need to ripen or dry. Made in #304 SS. Assembly of the wires on the frame by food-grade spot welding.

A total of 12 lots are available for purchase.