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Posted: Fri, March 13, 2020

Kimberton, Pennsylvania job

Phone Number: (610)935-3963


Biodynamic Orchard manager in Inclusive Eco-village

Living sustainably while making a difference locally and globally is our passion! We are seeking a like-minded individual to join our live-in community and help manage our organic, biodynamic Orchard.

Our community includes adults with developmental disabilities; the rest of the community is made up of full-time, residential volunteers who commit to living and engaging fully within our lifesharing community for a year or more. We are looking for an individual who feels inspired to learn and grow with us while taking on the management of our orchard.

Position description:

The Orchard manager is responsible for oversight and maintenance of about 10 acres of fruit trees, vineyards and berry patches spread through the eastern half of our eco-village. We have:

Mature semi-dwarf apple and pear trees, mixed varieties
3-5 year old apples, cherries, peaches and persimmons
~1 acre of vineyard also including hardy kiwis and soft fruits
Room for growth and re-planting
We provide table fruit for the village as well as produce cider, apple and pear butters for sale through local markets.

The Orchard manager is also responsible for the crew which consists of three to five adults with disabilities and two to three volunteer helpers every afternoon.

They may also have responsibilities in their household or elsewhere in the community.

Applicant requirements:

Willingness to join our lifesharing community
Must be at least 18 years of age
Previous experience with biodynamics and/or backyard or organic orchard
Willingness to learn
Valid Drivers License
Ability to perform well in an environment that requires compassion, helpfulness, patience, and resourcefulness
Excellent communication skills
Must be able to pass a background check

Private room in one of our lifesharing houses
Room and board (utilities and WiFi included)
Farm-fresh meals made with organic ingredients
Monthly stipend for year-long volunteers
Assistance with medical expenses (after 3 months)
Assistance with student loan debt
Access to village vehicles, gas and insurance provided
Educational opportunities including conferences and workshops
Three weeks of vacation per year
We ask for a one year commitment – with the opportunity to stay on if it’s a good match!

About Us:
Camphill Village Kimberton Hills is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to our mission of being an integrated community where people with developmental disabilities are living a life of dignity, equality, and purpose.

We are a vibrant farming and handcrafting community situated on 432 acres of rolling hills, pastures and woodlands in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Kimberton Hills residents, living and engaging side by side, create a dynamic and caring community for people of all ages and varied abilities. Striving to create a vibrant social and spiritual life together, Kimberton Hills is also a local center for culture and a model for sound ecological living.

Through our agricultural endeavors, whether it be in our raw-milk dairy, our vegetable CSA, medicinal and culinary herb garden, our biodyamic orchard or with our grounds and forestry crew, we are dedicated to stewarding the land using organic and biodynamic methods, creating a more sustainable future for ourselves and our community.

See us in action!