Posted: Wed, April 28, 2021

150 Auburn, PA 17922 sale


American Guinea Hog (AGH)/ Idaho Pasture Pig (IPP) Crosses

4 Sets of piglets available for sale. Sows and boar are fed an Organic diet from Kalmbach and kept on pasture all year long. They do well in our climate.

The sows are American Guinea Hogs and the Sire is a registered Idaho Pasture Pig.

4/4/2021 – 3 Boars/Barrows, 3 Gilts
4/7/2021 – 7 Boars/Barrows, 3 Gilts
4/12/2021 – 5 Boars/Barrows, 2 Gilts
4/17/2021 – 3 Boars/Barrows, 1 Gilts

The expected weaning times will be mid May to mid June.

Boars will be castrated on 5/1. Please let me know if you’re interested in a boar ahead of time.