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Posted: Wed, September 16, 2020

Negotiable plus work trade availability West Hempfield TWP (Lancaster) wanted

Phone Number: 7173807340


I’m moving from a small homestead (renting) to a farmhouse (purchased!) with less property than I previously had at my disposal.

I’m looking for a place to keep my 3 Nigerian dwarf goats with a secure fence and some pasture. They have a hutch that they live in together but access to a barn would be a bonus. They are one intact male (less than a year old), one wether, and one doe (just over 2 years old) who has never been bred. I’m hoping to keep them close enough to my new home in West Hempfield Township (Silver Spring area) that I can easily visit them daily and milk the doe when she kids. So far, they haven’t bred but maybe my little guy hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it! Please note, they are very friendly goats and all have been disbudded.

I’m not sure what to offer for boarding but in an interest to keep costs low, I could also offer labor hours at your farm in exchange. I have worked on a CSA farm in the past; I’ve been keeping chickens, turkeys, goats and bees for a while now; and I have a few years of commercial/institutional landscape installation and maintenance experience plus a background in sustainable landscape design. I can run equipment, use a variety of tools and have previously held a pesticide application license.

Please let me know if you’re open to a conversation regarding keeping my goats at your farm and what I could offer you in exchange!