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Posted: Wed, January 11, 2023

Manheim, PA land

Phone Number: 717-967-4012


42 Acre Silvopasture Farm For Sale

Rising Locust Farm is a 42 acre farm using agroforestry, grazing, and regenerative practices to grow nourishing food, improve the soil, and foster a robust ecological community in northern Lancaster County, PA. We have spent the last 10 years converting degraded cropland to diverse silvopasture, orchard, garden, and woodland systems. The farm has been stewarded with adaptive multi-species grazing (cattle, sheep, hogs, layers), organic (not certified) farm practices and permaculture-based design. We need to move on from this land for family reasons and are looking for a new farmer/family to tend this land with similar care and values to keep the farm ecologically vibrant while producing nourishing food.

Description of the Farm:

20 Acre Silvopasture – Approximately 2000 trees have been planted to provide shade, feed, mast, and firewood in this permanently fenced pasture with existing water lines. There is a large potential for tree fodder and honeylocust pod production (tree species are mostly black locust, honey locust, mulberry, hybrid poplar, and willow with a few chestnut, oak, alder, basswood, elm, tulip poplar, redbud, cottonwood, sycamore, and river birch).
5 Acre Silvopasture- Approximately 80 trees of mulberry, summer apple, chinese chestnut, hybrid oak, american persimmon and hazelnut planted in blocks to be for human consumption or pig forage (fruit/nut drop from June-Nov). This pasture is surrounded by a semi-permanent fence with tree windbreaks on the outside made of black locust, hawthorn, and willow. A densely planted hybrid willow plot in a wet area also exists as a windbreak, for tree fodder production, and a farm buffer.
1 Acre of Orchard Trees and Small Fruits – Apple, pear, peach, asian pear, asian persimmon, american plum, american hazelnut, black raspberries, blackberries, elderberries and currants. The orchard is not fully planted out with more spaces to plant or change design and most trees are not yet producing but all should bear within the next few years. Some trees are beginning to bear.
Quarter Acre Fenced Garden – Approximately 40 hand dug beds amended with compost and biochar. A few other planting areas as well within the fence.
12 Acres of Woodland – Most of the woodland is riparian with the Little Chiques Creek running through it. Many trees have been planted into the woods to increase the ecological diversity and protect farm from erosion
4 Acres – 3 BDR Stone Farmhouse, 3 BDR ranch house, garage converted to 2 BDR apartment, 15 ft yurt, 40×70 bank barn, 40×70 heated pole barn with attached greenhouse, 30×60 tobacco shed, 25×30 three sided utility shed, small cinder block farm store, and spring house. Ideal for intentional community living or multi-generational family housing.
Adjacent 1 acre parcel with renovated ranch house is also for sale

For further questions or inquiries please email or call 717-967-4012