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Posted: Fri, March 3, 2023

700 Amarillo, TX sale

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1 row manual garlic planter – onion planter, GCPHC-1

The hand-pushed garlic-onion planter is equipment intended to be used by hand without any tractor. It can be used for planting winter garlic, spring garlic, onion sets, and broad beans. A manual garlic planter can also be used as an attachment to a walk-behind tractor or any normal-size tractor through an adjustable tool carrier which is not included in the price because it depends on the type of tractor.

number of rows – 1
quantity of hopper – 1
capacity of the hopper – 6 liters
depth of planting – up to 200 mm
dimensions (length x width x height) – 1250 mm х 300 mm х 900 mm
weight – 21 kg
seed spacing – from 100 mm till 200 mm

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