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Subarna Sijapati

About Subarna

Subarna is a trained chef with 30 years of professional culinary and food system experience. He has a degree in culinary arts from the Art Institute of Colorado, recently completed Pasa’s Diversified Vegetable Apprenticeship, and is a long-time advocate for local foods and sustainable agriculture. Subarna was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, and has been living in the U.S. since 1990. In 2008 he relocated with his family from central coast California to Adams County, Pennsylvania, where he has developed partnerships with the Adams County Food Policy Council, Adams County Farmers Markets, the Center for Public Service at Gettysburg College, the Adams County Gleaning Project, and the Adams County Arts Council, all while working as executive chef and food and beverage manager at a variety of food and beverage operations in the area and running his own catering company focused on international and whole foods. With the support of a USDA grant, Subarna was manager and program director of the Adams County Farmers Market in Gettysburg for two years. Subarna also connects the local with the global, leading an immersion program in Kathmandu, Nepal, for Gettysburg College students on issues of food, sustainability, and globalization giving them exposure to farmers and sustainability activists.

In 2020 Subarna began volunteering at local farms in the Gettysburg Area and then pursued his long-time interest in farming and food sustainability to enroll in Pasa’s apprenticeship. As an apprentice, he worked and lived at New Morning Farm growing and managing various crops. After hard work all day at the farm his favorite thing to do was go back to the field and harvest vegetables to create delicious, nutritious meals for himself and his fellow farmers.