Nathan Holmes

About Nathan

Nathan grew up in western Pennsylvania and attended Penn State University, where he worked in a tomato genetics lab. After graduating he returned home and, by chance, ended up working on a dairy farm. It was this experience that cemented his deep appreciation for farming and farmers, and encouraged him to work towards addressing the shortcomings and brokenness of our food system.

For the next few years Nathan worked on a diverse range of farms in Washington County. After working in Boston and Washington DC in environmental education and forestry, respectively, he returned to western Pennsylvania to work full-time helping farms and farmers get products to market. In 2009 he co-founded Clarion River Organics (CRO), an organic produce cooperative. In 2015 he left CRO and fully devoted his time to Family Farm Creameries (FFC), a marketing collaborative which he started for western Pennsylvania farmstead dairy products in 2006.

Currently, in addition to running FFC, Nathan operates Three Rivers Grown, a distribution and logistics company dedicated to local farms and farm products. His unique “Farm to Cone” ice cream flavors are marketed through the Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company at farmers markets and at his location in downtown Pittsburgh. Nathan is a member of the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council, the Bavington Grange and The Pennsylvania Cheese Guild.