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Lloyd Traven Treasurer

About Lloyd

Lloyd and Peace Tree Farm are internationally recognized for their commitment to biocontrols and biological control agents (BCAs). He has spoken on these topics both nationally and internationally. Lloyd is active with many horticultural organizations, including the Philadelphia Flower Show, Penn State Trial Gardens, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and Cornell Organic Advisory Committee. Lloyd is also a stakeholder in the LAMPS project and Town Supervisor for Nockamixon Township.

“I believe deeply in the mission and importance of Pasa, on both a personal as well as business level. The message, advocacy, and inclusion of the organization is vital to the ‘proper’ feeding of all of us as well as the protection of the environment and the beauty of the world. We play a crucial role in these things, and I would like to bring the judicious application of technology and science and the use of nature to solve problems to what most of us consider an art and philosophy. I cannot state too strongly the future of sustainable and organic farming WILL encompass more modern techniques to ensure food security and safety supply, and it is time to bring this into the agenda.”