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Farm Lease Connection

Marilyn Anthony, Eastern Regional Director for the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), describes the newly christened land leasing program, Farm Lease Connection (FLC), as "a blend of eBay and eHarmony."

Initially focused on the state's Southeast region, the program will use a website to connect new or expanding farmers with land trusts and private landowners. The goal is to assist aspiring sustainable growers by matching them with underutilized land and the people who control it. 

If you are interested in applying to be including in the land leasing program, please go to and fill out a free application. You will also find a helpful list of leasing resources and related events to attend.

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Beginning farmers often have the same two frustrations: limited access to land and money. Leasing land can help overcome those obstacles by allowing farmers to build equity without the burden of initial purchasing costs. PASA recently launched its new land leasing program, Farm Lease Connection (FLC), to address these concerns and bring farmers and landowners together in the creation of successful farm enterprises.

FLC is best described as a blend of eBay and eHarmony that introduces new or expanding farmers to landowners of all kinds, from private homeowners to municipalities and land trusts. The program uses web technology and personal communication to bring both parties together.  Parcels of land as small as a ¼ acre up to hundreds of acres are all potentially eligible for inclusion. At this time, there is no cost to farmers or landowners to enroll in FLC.

If you are interested in applying to be including in the land leasing program, go here and fill out a free application. The site allows farmers and landowners to set up anonymous profiles to protect confidentiality while advertising their farming experience and goals. The site also offers a list of helpful resources and classes, an event calendar and recommended experts to help in the leasing process.

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Farm Lease Connection

Initially focused in Eastern Pennsylvania, our land lease program will be rolled out across the state in the next year with the goal of eventually including participants from around the mid-Atlantic region.

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